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5 New Treasures ,Well-designed.20% Off !

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In order to thanks for your long time support , Coolman team developed five new products carefully . We spent a full 5 months of design products, selected the best quality stainless steel, only to bring high-end, fashion and highlight the charm to you.

The meaning of the cross pedants: The cross is a symbol of Christian faith,no longer a symbol of pain and shame. Catholics and Orthodox people in the chest painted cross or wearing a cross to strengthen the faith,for clean use.Or to commemorate the death of Jesus to save all mankind.

图5     图6

Black Classic Bracelets: Royal blue and classic black is perfect color scheme. The paint finish is well made which can be last many years. The perfect combination of carbon fiber and stainless steel makes you more attractive ,youth and handsome.

links bracelet carbon fiber bracelet

Black inherit classic, rose -golden on behalf of fashion. When you date with a pretty lady outside, black make you mature and stable, rose gold let you exudes love atmosphere everywhere.


Sliver Low-key luxury Bracelet: In ancient China, silver color symbolizes noble ,purity ,good luck and eternal.This simple design with any decorations looks very elegant,suitable for everyone who pursue the success or enjoy simply life.


Now,in order to gratitude new and order customers,register Coolman’s office site,the Customer service will send a 20% off code "Coolman2017" to your email,you can buy them at  office site.

There is only one thing you could keep in mind, Coolman always offer the best product and service to all of you. If you have any suggestions or questions please don't hesitate to contact us anytime, thanks!

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